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Hotel Near Verona’s Catullo Airport

The Hotel SHG is the perfect choice for travellers because it is located close to Verona’s Catullo Airport. The Verona-Villafranca airport which is named after Valerio Catullo. is just 20 minutes from the hotel by car and can be quickly and easily reached by taking the Verona East motorway junction from Viale del Lavoro, along the A4/E70 towards Via Statale 12/SS62, then taking the exit for Verona North on the A22/E45 and carrying on along the SS62 until you reach your destination. 

Staying at the Hotel SHG means that you’ll be staying not far from the airport, a definite plus for anyone travelling to the city or the local area for business, pleasure or for health reasons. 


The airport was originally a military airport and was only opened to civilian traffic in 2008.  It was expanded in 1990 with a larger terminal, aircraft apron and parking area and has a single runway. 

Over the past few years, the airport has seen rapid growth in terms of flights and passenger numbers.  This resulted in further improvements to the runway, the aircraft aprons and the construction of a new arrivals terminal. 

The Hotel SHG, thanks to its proximity to Verona’s Catullo Airport, is the perfect choice for those who need to travel from Verona to other destinations across Italy or abroad. 

Connections are available to Catania, Palermo, Cagliari, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Frankfurt, Bremen, Barcelona, Cancun, Zanzibar, Cape Verde, Dubai, Egypt, Tunisia, the Canary and Balearic Islands, Greece, Brussels, London, Helsinki and Riga.


The Hotel SHG, thanks to its strategic location, makes it possible to reach the nearby Catullo Airport comfortably and quickly by car. 

Upon arrival, you will be able to leave your car in one of the 10 car parks which provide up to 4,800 parking spaces. 

Additional services that are available at the airport’s terminals are: free Wi-Fi internet connection, a VIP Lounge, a fast track service, bars and restaurants, shops and an ATM.


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